10 May 2011

Drag moments in Miller’s Crossing

Directed by Joel & Ethen Coen
Script by Joel & Ethen Coen.
115 minutes1990
Gabriel Byrne plays Tom Reagan
Marcia Gay Harden plays Verna
John Turturro plays Bernie
Albert Finnie plays Leo
Country of finance: US
Nationality of director: US
Location of story: an unnamed city
Filming location: New Orleans

The much acclaimed Coen Brothers gangster movie loosely based on Red Harvest and Glass Key by Dashiell Hammet and Jojimbo by Akira Kurosawa.

When Tom Reagan bursts into the ladies’ room, notice, if you don’t blink, the large women in black and white: an obvious extra cameo by one of the other principles.

 Then there is  the woman who screams when Reagan falls upon her.  She is played by Helen Jolly who is unknown except for this film.  What do you think?

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