27 March 2010

Bert Horgson (1911-2001) FBI agent.

The tale goes thus:

Bert was an FBI agent from Minnesota. He joined the FBI in 1935 to fight Nazi spies.

When FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover saw him he was re-assigned as a special agent en femme using the name Bettina.

Hoover kept him from quitting by a mixture of promises and intimidation. He even had Horgson’s legal identity changed to ‘female’, so that it would be illegal for him to wear men’s clothes. Hoover gave orders that after his own death, Horgson was to be confined to a high-security nursing home as a national security risk.
  • Katrum Schultz. “J. Edgar Hoover Ordered Agents To Impersonate Women”. Weekly World News. 11/11/2002. Online at: http://bit.ly/cKKASn.


Dayita Angelis said...

The Weekly World News citation makes this entry unfortunately weak. Do you know of any other sources about Bert Horgson?

Zagria said...

Exactly. That is why I put the story in my arts blog and labelled it with the word 'spoof'.