01 August 2009

The Magic Christian

Directed by Joseph McGrath
Script by Terry Southern & Joseph McGrath, with additional material by Graham Chapman, John Cleese & Peter Sellers, based on the novel by Terry Southern.
92 mins 1969
Peter Sellers play Sir Guy Grand
Ringo Starr plays Youngman Grand
Country of finance: UK
Nationality of director: UK
Location of story: London
Filming location: London.


Billionaire Sir Guy Grand adopts a young man whom he finds sleeping in the park, and together they bribe people to abandon their principles, do silly things etc. A large part of the film takes place aboard the new cruise ship, The Magic Christian.


The novel was set in the US, but was relocated to London for the film.

This is the only film that features Beatles, Goons and Monty Pythons.

This is the last thing that Polanski did before his wife Sharon Tate was murdered by the Manson gang, although the film was not released until afterwards.


There is a short scene with Guy Grand dressed as a nun. That is not very interesting.

However there is also this with one of the uncredited stars. Note the man at the bar, who is Roman Polanski and credited. The point is that at the last moment you should recognize the female singer. A great performance by one of Hollywood’s biggest macho stars.

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GinaV said...

I love this movie, and especially this scene when I saw it for the first time around the age of 16 when such scenes were few and far between for me. And to think it was ..... !