04 October 2009

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Directed by Stephen Surjik
Script by Larry Gelbart
100minutes 1997 HBO
Gabriel Bryne plays Lionel Powers
Ben Kingsley plays Julian Messenger
Mimi Rogers plays Ariel Powers
Jordan Ladd plays Letitia
Country of finance: US
Nationality of director: US
Location of story: Los Angeles
Filming location: Los Angeles


Powers and Messenger, both unscrupulous entrepreneurs, use blackmail, bribery and other crimes to get their way.  Finally both dig up enough dirt on the other that they have to become partners.   Except that the ‘dirt’ on Powers, which refers to his wife and their threesome with a younger woman, Letitia, is in fact nothing at all to be ashamed of.

Who are they?

Larry Gelbart was one of the writers on Tootsie, 1982.

Jordan Ladd is part of the Ladd acting dynasty.

Mimi Rogers was Agent Dana Fowley in the X-Files, and the mother in The Rapture, 1991.

Gabriel Bryne and Ben Kingsley are well known lead actors.


Alexei, from Leningrad, was sexually abused by his father, who faked paintings by famous artists.  When his father was sent to Siberia, he became a male prostitute.   She was a woman, Ariel, by age 25, and then emigrated to the US with her daughter Letitia.

Any husband should be proud to have a wife who has overcome such obstacles.  Even if, in modesty, she had never actually mentioned them.

Of course the cliché that trans women were sexually abused as children is done far too much in movies.   It is true in only a few cases.

I suppose that a cis actress had to be cast in this film, otherwise the 'surprise' would be anticipated.

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